What is Fumigation?

It is a method of pest control or the removal of harmful micro-organisms by completely filling an area with gaseous pesticides—or fumigants—to suffocate or poison the pests within. It is used to control pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. This method also affects the structure itself; affecting pests that inhabit the physical structure, such as woodborers and dry wood termites etc. Hukumjanab has a team of expert to protect your home, office or gardens.

How Hukumjanab Helps!

Fumigation is a technique where a fumigant at specific temperature and pressure can exist in a gaseous state. This fumigant or chemical, in sufficient concentration, will be used to eradicate pests. This fumigation process is often a necessary procedure to be able to quickly and thoroughly eradicate pests.

Fumigation and COVID 19:

Hukumjanab are well aware of the serious dangers of the virus. According the Government of Pakistan, as the virus can survive on surfaces of different materials for at least 2 to 3 days, surfaces potentially contaminated with the COVID-19 virus (e.g. commonly touched surfaces, surfaces which may have been exposed to respiratory droplets such as sneezes or coughs, and floors) should be sanitized. Routine cleaning of surfaces using appropriate cleaning and disinfection methods can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Non-health care settings should be especially careful to routinely clean and disinfect surfaces. Similarly, surfaces in the environment of the patient can get contaminated with the pathogenic microorganisms by contact with the body or body secretions, from particles shed from the skin or clothes or transportation through goods, shoes, wheels or wind. This contamination may result in colonization of various surfaces in the environment of the healthcare facilities. It is therefore prudent to develop procedures of and make necessary arrangements for periodic cleaning and where necessary, disinfection of these structures. Hukumjanab abides all the instructions strictly.
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Disinfection services  
Disinfecton of cars
Rs. 1000
120 yards area Disinfection services
Rs. 2000
240 yards area Disinfection services
Rs. 4000
500 yards area Disinfection services
Rs. 5000
1000 yards area Disinfection services
Rs. 9000
166 yards area Disinfection services
Rs. 3000

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