Things to Carry in your Car by
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Things to Carry in your Car by

It’s good to keep an emergency tool kit in the deck lid of your car every time you
go out. Whether you are planning a road trip or you are just driving to the grocery
store, a tool kit is a necessity to save yourself from the inconvenience and hassle
of looking for a mechanic or any other problem you can face on your way. Now the question is, what tools and other things you should be carrying
in your Car? Don’t worry; We have answers to all your questions.
You will need:

1. A Flashlight for Emergency Car Repair
2. A Spare Tire
3. Bottle jack
4. Jack Stand
5. Wrench set
6. Pry Bar
7. Surgical Gloves or Hand Wipes
8. Tire Pressure Gauge
9. Ratchet and Socket set
10. Mechanics Tool set
11. Screwdriver set for all sizes of Screws
12. 3M Duct Tape
13. Towing Wire & Hock Wire
14. Battery Jumper Wire
15. Emergency Triangle
16. WD-40
17. Bluetooth Scanner
18.  Battery Power Bank (Jumper)
19. A Scissor 
20. Portable Air Compressor
21. Fire Extinguisher
22. Anti-Skid Tires Snow Chain
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