Tips For A Biking Trip
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Tips For A Biking Trip

As much adventurous a biking trips can be, they can also be a pain in the neck, if you
miss any of the basic necessary items for the trip. If you choose your items
smartly, less can be enough and the lesser the weight more is the fun. People who
travel often would have learned a lot through their experiences. Newbies! Please don’t worry.
We have a complete guide for you to make your first experience no less than the
best one.
A collective list of all the necessary items is as followed:

  1. Helmet
    No compromise on your safety.
    2. Tool kit
    To fix your bike yourself in case of an emergency to avoid any inconvenience.
    3. Water bottle
    To keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.
    4. Light weighted and non bulky clothes.
    They should be according to the weather of your destinations and route. Wear a
    full sleeves t-shirt to avoid exposure of direct sunlight. Carry few
    clothes like 3 to 4 pair. Wash and re-use them.
    5. Toiletries
    Put all your toiletries in a ziploc bag to save space and avoid spilling.
    6. Undergarments and socks
    Pack them in a separate ziploc. If you are travelling to colder places socks are a
    must to keep you warm and comfy.
    7. Phone charger and power bank.
    Phone charger to obviously charge your phones and power bank as a backup in
    case of emergency.
    8. Other electronics

Carry your other electronics like laptop or camera in a ziploc to protect it from
9. Sunglasses and cap
For the easy and fun ride even during the day time.
10. A set of thermals
To counter extreme cold conditions.
11. Sweater, gloves and head cover.
Again to counter extreme cold weather and easy ride.
12. Sandals and shoes
1 extra pair of each.
13. Face wipes and hand sanitizer.
Water won’t be available every time to wash your hands and face so these can be
14. Sunscreen and moisturizer
Needless to say why sunscreen is so important. In winters moisturizer would be
needed for proper skin care.
15. Detergent
Keep detergent in a small bottle to wash your clothes.
16. Mosquito Repellent
Better to be safe than sorry! There would be nights when you will be staying in
camps or you may pass through such areas so repellent is a must.
17. First aid kit
Keep all the necessary over the counter medications and first aids. Keep
medicines to counter fever, cough, flu and allergy as you are more susceptible to
get these infections.
18. Bluetooth Headphones

So you can enjoy some music while riding and can easily attend important calls.
19. Tent and sleeping bag
There will be camping nights so to enjoy those nights to the fullest you need to
have these necessities as comfort comes first.
20. Headlamp and torch light
Keep extra batteries for them as they will be really very helpful.
21. Kitchen utensils
This doesn’t mean that you have to keep a frying pan or pressure cooker with you.
Just a plate, spoon, knife and a mug and if you plan to cook something, keep
vessels that you’ll need.
22. Lighter and matchbox
For obvious reasons.
23. Toilet paper and disposable mugs.
24. Rain coat
In case it rains while you are travelling.

* Cover your travel bag in a big plastic/garbage bag to make it waterproof and
save it from rain.
* Take a test ride with your bike fully loaded so you get the idea about the weight.
You may feel the need to eliminate a few things for a comfortable adventure. is Providing mechanics for Cars, Bikes and Generators at your doorstep by Online booking.


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